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“I have learned a lot more than I knew since I joined Scott’s newsletter. He always provides good information and timely inter-fund transfers.” -Todd

“Scott has helped me make more money and also prevent major losses.” -Michael

“I would tell all my federal employee friends to sign up, the more info you have the better you are!!” -Tyler

“Look at his results since he started this thing.” -James

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“As Scott says: We’ll let the charts tell us when to get out of the market, and when to get into the market. Just listening to Scott’s advice has helped me make money in the market.” -Rick

“Scott has helped me with making money in the market.” -Chris

“If you don’t have the experience or the know how to invest your TSP account, you need to listen to someone who does and that person would be Scott Grimes.” -Zach

(With regard to leaving your money in the TSP account and not actively managing) “That’s not the way you make money in the market, or not the way you maximize your profits in the market.” -Jerry

“Glad I can follow directions!” -Marco

“Thanks Scott for taking the time to write the newsletter you put out and the time to watch the market the way you do. It has been a relief on me because you are very good at it.” -Sam

“I have done pretty well with my TSP account thanks to Scott.” -Dave

“Scott’s information/resources gave me a baseline as to when I needed to move my money around.” -Stephen

“I have told and will tell my federal employee friends to get on Scott’s e-mail list.” -Jimmy

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“To describe the impact Scott’s advice had on my TSP investment: money, money, money, money!” -Daniel

“I really look forward to reading the newsletter daily and I thank you for taking the time to prepare it.” -John