How It Works

Scott Grimes is a technical analyst with over 20 years of experience. He utilizes multiple indicators from multiple resources. With these tools and experience, Scott interprets the five investment options within the TSP to determine if they are in a sustainable trend upward, sideways, or downward.

With this information, Scott determines where the money should be allocated among the funds to get the best return on your retirement plan.  When a change is recommended, an email is sent to you as an alert. On that day, or as soon as possible, you will need to adjust your funds to a particular allocation within TSP. We provide step-by-step directions how to do so. We strive to make your asset allocation changes as easy as possible.

What To Expect

My TSP Guide investment recommendations are made with prayerful consideration and divine guidance.

My TSP Guide investment recommendations are not made based on:

  • The ever-changing wind of political agendas.
  • The knee-jerk reaction to a news event.
  • Short-term fluctuation of market values.
  • Greed.
  • Fear.
  • Emotions.
  • Any one source.

Our objective is to be correct more than 90% of the time.

This means if a particular one of the five investments within the TSP plan goes up or down, a buy or sell action is recommended while that trend continues to follow its pattern. If one of the investments has a short-term upward or downward trend and a recommendation is made to buy or sell based on our analysis, it will continue to follow that pattern more than 90% of the time. With this success rate, we know you will benefit over time. We wish you only the best and hope you see value in our free offer. Please share this offer with your co-workers so they too can pave the way to retirement with greater certainty. 

Tools and Resources

Scott Grimes has experience using reliable tools to interpret trends and take valuable action for all five investment options within your Thrift Savings Plan.

He uses a 5-, 20-, 50-, 100-, and 200-day moving average. He also utilizes the following indicators: the Williams Percentage R, a Mac-D Histogram, the Price Momentum Oscillator (developed by Carl Swenlin), and other ongoing trading volume analysis. All of these tools are used to determine sustainable trends.

A decision to buy, hold, or sell is made according to analysis and research. When buy or hold is the choice, then there is a determination as to what percentage should be owned in each.

All this work is done for you. All you have to do is sign up for the service and make adjustments when the recommendations are given.

In addition to technical analysis, there are other tools used to make these prudent investment recommendations. These include articles written by CNN Financial, Money, Raymond James, Carl Swenlin, James DePorre, and several others.

As always, if you have questions about any of my sources or recommendations, you may contact me at KyFan1@aol.com.

About the Analyst

scottgrimesScott Grimes – Author and Manager of My TSP Guide

Scott spent his last career in the United States Department of Justice, in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, retiring as a department head. He was a participant within The Thrift Savings Plan, or TSP as many know it.

In 1997, Scott decided to take control of his financial future. He began daily studying and monitoring and adjusted his portfolio as needed.

In 1998, Scott published his findings as a ministry and favor to his federal employee co-workers. He offered recommendations based on his research to help federal employees understand the movements of different elements within the investment markets.
This voluntary newsletter was published daily for 14 years, until Scott’s first retirement in 2011. The net result of his work averaged 18.7% annual returns and had only one down year of -1.8%. This was during a time that the S&P 500 (one of your investment options within the TSP) averaged only an annual return of 2%.

My TSP Guide is here for you today for FREE, offering you daily commentary and periodic recommendations that will help protect your retirement assets during downside market conditions and take advantage of upside markets.

Scott publishes My TSP Guide as one of his ministries, guided by God’s grace. Scott offers all the glory to God for any success you enjoy by following his leadership and experienced guidance.

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My TSP Guide is in no way affiliated with the U.S. government, or military Thrift Savings Plan, tsp.gov, or any other government agency. My TSP Guide does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this report, nor does My TSP Guide assume any liability for any loss that may result from reliance by any person upon any such information or opinions. Such information and opinions are subject to change without notice and are for general information only.