*****Interfund Transfer*****

Good Morning, It’s time to adjust our allocation. The new allocation is 100/C. Please remember that this is the percentage of money that we have invested in each fund, not the money that is taken from your check and deposited into thrift. That deposit should always be 100% G Fund. That automatically protects your deposit in the event that it is made on a bad day for the market. The funds that accumulate in the G Fund are always picked up when you make your next interfund transfer.   As for today, you should make an interfund transfer for 100/C. Have a nice day and may God continue to bless your trades! ScottSunglasses

PS- Remember that this is only a recommendation. Please feel free to alter it in any way that you feel comfortable with and by all means if what your doing is working great for you, then keep on doing it! 

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