Don’ts of My TSP Guide

How investment decisions for My TSP Guide are not made.

My TSP Guide investment recommendations are not made based on:

• The ever-changing wind of political agendas.
• The knee-jerk reaction to a news event.
• Short-term fluctuation of market values.
• Greed.
• Fear.
• Emotions.
• Any one source.

My TSP Guide investment recommendations are made with prayerful consideration and divine guidance.

Our objective is to be correct more than 90% of the time.
This means if a particular one of the five investments within the TSP plan goes up or down, a buy or sell action is recommended while that trend continues to follow its pattern. If one of the investments has a short-term trend of up or down and a recommendation is made to buy or sell based on our analysis, it will continue to follow that pattern more than 90% of the time. With this success rate, we know you will benefit over time. We wish you only the best and hope you see value in our free offer. Please share this offer with your co-workers whom you care for. They will also want to pave their own road to retirement with more certainty.