Author: Scott Grimes


Good Afternoon, The market continued to rally since last week into the weekend until the jobs report was released and showed that over 500,000 jobs were created when less than 200,000 were expected. That resulted in a sell off that continues today. Also contributing to investors sour mood was a spike in treasury rates that […]


Good morning, Our website remains down as I type this message. We hope to get it up in short order. We are currently researching a new web hosts and hope to have this problem remedied in the future. The market continues to trade in a wide range influenced by inflation, and everything related to inflation. […]


Good Morning, Markets cycle. That is just a fact. They always have and they always will. It is possible to make money in all cycles albeit less during the down trends. Our group fell with all the others at the beginning of the current bear cycle. As we have mentioned many times, our group along […]


Good Afternoon, Happy New Year!! I had a really nice blog for you last week but it was lost when the website went down and I just didn’t have enough time to rewrite it given the holiday schedule. As I said on Facebook, the loss of the blog was par for the course in 2022. […]


Good Afternoon, Neither Six Flags or Universal Studios have a roller coaster that rivals the ride we have taken in the 2022. High inflation along with the unwinding of Federal Stimulus has created unprecedented volatility. I know I’ve used that word (unprecedented) a lot this year, but to me that’s what it is. I have […]


Good Morning, The dynamics of this market remain the same as do the knee jerk reactions to them by investors. Lets get this straight. Good news is bad. That’s right, Good news is bad. Last week we got two economic reports that suggested the economy is still strong despite the efforts of the Fed to […]

****Interfund Transfer****

Good Afternoon, It’s time to adjust our mix. The new mix is 100/I. Please remember that this is the percentage of money that we have invested in each fund, not the money that is taken from your check and deposited into thrift. Those future contributions should always be 100% G Fund. That automatically protects your deposit in the event that it is […]


Good Afternoon, So what does the market think about the Fed today? It depends on the day. Either the average market player is way smarter than I am or they are not. I honestly can’t figure out why they think what they think. Panic appears to drive their thought process and as far as I’m […]


Good Morning, The theme for the market in 2022 remains the same. Inflation and interest rates. Make no mistake, if you watch those and nothing else you won’t be totally wrong. However there have been some secondary issues that have been able to move the market significantly at times which brings me to today. Our […]


Good Afternoon, I’ll start this weeks blog just as I have all fall. The market remains volatile. As long as the rate of inflation remains significantly above two percent that will be the case. Although, recently there have been a few possibly encouraging things to take place. The first and foremost is that the most […]